Manpower Supply from Vietnam with competition 2019


Community Relations

Encouraging community relations through the care team and support training and vocational information through many scholarship projects, reward students and encourage participation in all activities for the community and the green environment.


Training and Development

We understand the core of social development is starting from building a training platform, educating the young generation in the Vietnamese community. Even the management team and staff are continually receiving self-improvement projects on both of their morality and working skills.


Cohesive Global Corporation

Globalization and sharing of human resources are the responsibility of the whole world community. VIVAXAN is an essential link in the network of global labor supply systems and multi-service businesses in the modern B2B business model.

Social Responsibility Platform

The development society entails the standards of rigor in meeting the needs of people such as: being educated in high quality and working with the passion for professional training skills. VIVAXAN understands that burden and devotes itself to building a more professional system.