Why Vietnamese should develop the private sector (Educate skills and Vocational in working) in restructuring our national economy.

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What I mean is to help private enterprises develop in all national economic sectors, including agriculture, tourism, services and others. For example, high technology will become a central component in agricultural development.

However, we should only focus on sectors in which we have advantages, like the development of small and medium enterprises, in order to provide jobs to those who have been made redundant in the course of economic restructuring.

Another point I want to raise is that job training nowadays should be shared between the State and private sectors, particularly in the field of high skills training.

Of course, if any enterprises want to offer job training they must follow certain criteria laid out by the Government, particularly the following requirements:

They must be able to forecast the labor market demand;

They have to assume responsibility for developing training curricula, building workshops, recruiting teaching staff. The Government will only give advice to the enterprises to ensure the teaching curricula meet national standards. – follow VNS news


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