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About VXT Group Joint Stock Company

VXT Group JSC. pioneers and leads consumer trends in different business sectors the company participates in. Our activities range from property development, import-export to logistics services, and hospitality services.


We offer Vietnamese consumers and businesses alike with services that rank high in quality. From the beginning, VXT’s founders have aimed to create a respectable, recognizable international Vietnamese brand whom our clients can trust. Our company has ceaselessly strived to better our services so that VXG Group JSC. would become one of Vietnam’s most prominent private enterprises in the future.


VXT Group comprises reputable business people who are devoted to achieving sustainable successes – with our business partners and with the community we thrived in. Not only that we have a versatile, shared arsenal of knowledge in running different businesses, but we are also a company that strongly emphasizes corporate social responsibility. Namely, our for


About Our Manpower Solutions

VXT College and Vivaxan are the two subsidiaries (out of five) that focus on training and providing workforce to our clients.


For many of our contributions to the community of Vietnamese workers, the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs of Vietnam has entrustred and licensed VXT Group to assign hard-working, highly skilled and dedicated workers from Vietnam to open positions provided by our business partners abroad.


Having worked with tough markets like Japan, Taiwan, Romania, Poland, Saudi Arabia, etc., VXT Group always priortize the need of our clients, and promptly respond to damands for a high-quality workers These damands, which include not just technical skills but also puntuality, critical thinking skills and fluency in a foreign language, translate directly to our vocational programs.


Only after a rigorous process of testing, quality controlling, and ensuring that our clients are sastified with the skills our workforce could provide would we finalize the contract. 

Legal Information

Legal Information



VXT Group JSC.’s supply chain of business-to-business manpower solutions involves a network of subsidiaries in different business sectors, which establish not only the capital and resource but also ensure the quality of our business operations. The following is the full full extension of the VXT manpower family:

  1. Our corporate website: VXT Group Joint Stock Company
  2. Our first manpower subsidiary: VIVAXAN
  3. Our second manpower subsidiary: VTC Corp.
  4. Our vocation-higher education institution: VXT College
  5. Our job-seeking platform: VXT Career
  6. Our B2B platform: VXT Group JSC.

VXT Group JSC.’s internal ecosystem surrounding our manpower solutions

The corporate structure of VTC Corp., one of VXT Group JSC.’s subsidiary



EU Relations Manager

E-mail: kiennguyenhuyvxt@gmail.com

Doanh Duong

Vice General Director

Long nguyen

Global Relations Director

email: longnh@vxt.vn

whatsapp +84 968 96 92 91

Long Ngo

japan relations VG director